This work is a result of discourses delivered by Our Master Abdurrahim Reyhan (Erzincanî) (the Sultan of hearts) in the gatherings of his followers, disciples.  Meticulous care has been given to be faithful to the original form of these discourses while putting them into written form. 

These discourses have been selected from a wide collection of discourses delivered at different times and in various places. “Discourses on Sufism from the Rose to the Nightingales” (Gülden Bülbüllere Tasavvuf Sohbetleri-4[1]) has been supplied with footnotes in order to appeal to every reader and provide easy reading.  May Allah compensate for our shortcomings. We ask for your prayers in that regard.


Mehmet Ali Demirci

On behalf of everyone whose efforts made this work possible

July 2011

[1] Gülden Bülbüllere Tasavvuf Sohbetleri-4, Ankara 2008, ISBN 978-9944-0746-0-5